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Different Values for Different Generations of Chinese Consumers

Joel on January 26, 2012 - 11:19 am in Archive, Consumer Intelligence, Insights

The graphic above summarizes key findings from a recent report conducted by CIC and GroupM about marketing to Chinese youth. For those of you interested in learning more about marketing to Chinese youth in particular, I recommend checking out insights from ChinaYouthology and the GenYChina blog.

While the graphic is a generalization it does; however, highlight key differences between Chinese born in the 1970’s compared to their counterparts born in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Chinese born in the 1980’s grew up in the wake of the ‘reform and opening’ – a period of tremendous change and economic growth. They spent their entire lives witnessing the world around them transform and modernize. Compared to those born in the 1970’s they tend to prefer more ‘work-life balance’ and have a greater desire to break apart the rungs of the corporate latter. In regards to managing their money, Chinese born in the 1980’s are more willing to use credit cards and take out loans to finance their lifestyles. This is in stark contrast to their peers born in the 1970’s who are still heavy savers.

Chinese born in the 1990’s seemingly grew up plugged into the Internet. They tend to have a disregard for authority, crave self-expression, and blur the distinction between their online and offline worlds. They use the Internet primarily for entertainment purposes. The Chinese web is filled with images of headshots taken with their mobile phones to display their unique personalities for the world to see.



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