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Chinese Women’s Role in Household Consumption Increasing

Joel on January 4, 2012 - 11:07 am in Archive, Data & Facts

Female consumers in China have an incredible amount of influence over their family’s purchasing decisions – especially when compared to that of women in previous generations. Modern women in China’s urban centers possess relatively high levels of education, work white-collar jobs, and contribute substantial earnings to their household.

As a result, Chinese women help determine what products and services their family purchases with their discretionary income. According to Nielsen’s 2011 Global Women Consumer Study, Chinese women are more inclined to save for their children’s education relative to their counterparts in developed nations (48% versus 16%). Additionally, the top three categories women in China spend money on are ‘daily necessities,’ ‘clothing,’ and ‘health and beauty products’ while women in developed markets choose to spend their money on vacations and paying off debts and credit card bills.

For a complete breakdown of how Chinese women spend their discretionary income, please refer to the chart below:

China female consumer



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